What is an Merchant Processing Agreement (MPA)? A contract between a business and a credit card service provider. The merchant agreement states the rules and responsibilities that apply to each party regarding payment card acceptance, authorization, processing and settlement. The merchant agreement also sets out the fees and charges that the merchant will pay the service provider. It explains how the service provider determines the rates for handling payment card transactions, and it defines the terms under which each party may renew or cancel the contract.

Source :  http://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/merchant-agreement.asp#ixzz4fZ7ERXHu 

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Sales Agents are tasked with keying in merchant data, previously recorded on paper applications. When an MPA goes through the compliance process (measures the risk level of fraudulent merchants) , we found that many of the problems could have been avoided if the application was reformatted. In order to quickly and more efficiently complete just one application, we had to cater to users from each stage of the compliance process. Some of the hurdles we worked through were issues like: cross-input validation messages, integrating a centralized action bar, managing different task-centric workflows, and multi-type request handling, to name a few. 



1. Reduced input/processing time   2. Elevated peer engagement   3. Simplified Management Tools
4. Completely restructured user-centric ecosystem