Establish a cohesive visual brand system.

Top to bottom: logo and identity, website, business cards,
instructional video, print/digital marketing material,
signage, t-shirts and gift vouchers.


After preliminary concepts and some solid direction, we finalized the existing logo. We provided our client with a bold, clean, playful logo. Look closely at the bottom of the keyhole-maze icon and you might catch the word "clue".  Overall, we worked together to create a seamless experience that customers would remember and enjoy. Currently, The Escape Room is Southlake's
#1 attraction on Trip Advisor!



This was one of our early concepts in the developing stages. We wanted to produce a clever way of combining a lock element and the letter "e" to represent "escape". After multiple iterations, this concept didn't make the cut. However we were able to revive the concept for their "I Escaped" t-shirts given to teams that successfully escaped each themed room under 60 minutes.




In the end, we provided our client with various collateral, including a distinctly iconic logo and a supportive, visual brand system to help launch their business. The feedback has been phenomenal both online and at the physical location. You can follow all the latest updates on facebookinstagram or their website.

* The Escape Room has since rebranded to Red Door Escape Room