LBY, Lao Baptist Youth, is a ministry organization that strives to be a resource for young lives to grow in their faith. With the ushering in of newly elected officers, they needed a brand refresh that would reflect something relevant and engaging.



We sought to improve the interactions on social media by providing consistent graphics for each one of their promotions.
Further more, we've provided a new and improved version of the original logo, whilst maintaining the overall integrity. The website was also another refresh we helped with, limiting friction for a smooth user experience. We have successfully connected their audience to their resources by making them available and easy to access.



This full rebrand showcases the youthful side of the ministry. All together we've brought consistency and longevity. The marketing goal was to provide wearable messages that engage campers to share the gospel. Last year they celebrated their 20th Anniversary with over 250 registrants. We commemorated this milestone with custom badges and a broad range of branded material.