As Creative Director, I'm responsible for providing on-going graphics and brand management. Before 2011 there was a lack of awareness with the brand. Commonly known as "SEAC", they also host a national conference called "SEALS". We knew early on that we needed to promote a consistent brand message by distinguishing both identities. There was a history of brand confusion and these two became synonymous, when they in fact serve two different purposes. Our challenge was to develop a primary brand voice for SEAC while positioning their sub-brand SEALS under that brand umbrella. Our mission was to present clarity.




SEAC has matured as a brand and is evolving into a steady system both publicly and internally. It has taken time and various methods of educating the audience as to who SEAC was and what SEALS was. In marketing strategy we've strayed away from using the primary logo as an anchor, then adding sub-branding to it. Rather, we've defined both brands to be different enough yet closely affiliated. From 2011 to now, we've refreshed the visual brand, revamped the website and social media strategies as well as provide more compelling environmental graphics for each bi-annual conference. The displays at each event has had a great impact on attendees, enhancing the overall experience.