This is my creative space. My home is my creative playground, so I guess you can say I live at work. For me organization is key and everyone has their own definition of "neat". For me personally, woodcut ampersands, pictures of my lovely lady, WIP's taped to my bedroom wall do the trick -- they all contribute to my creative process.



I've learned the value of research to help narrow my focus. I start with assessing the problem and begin compiling information, resources and ideas to solve those problems. Then I like to start sketching out ideas. Old-school in my approach, I tend to flesh out my ideas on paper before going digital. Often times I'll doodle on my iPad and transfer it over to Illustrator to refine concepts. Something thing that stood out to me in art school was the value of stepping away from your canvas/work to gain fresh perspective and examine the areas of improvement. I tape my concepts on the wall in front of my bed, seeing the progression. I see it every morning and every night until the project is completed. This keeps the ideas fresh on my mind and gives me time to develop the best solutions. My last step is refinement. There's nothing quite like polished typography or meticulously aligned elements.

Ta da.